Aaron Blaker

Aaron Blaker is an emerging New Zealand writer.

His novella The Siren was published as an eBook in 2013 by Rosa Mira Books.

Born and raised on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand, Aaron was formally educated in English Literature, Classics and History at Victoria University of Wellington. Read more ...

Aaron Blaker's tale ... introduces an individual voice ... an emerging talent."
Owen Marshall, in his introduction to Best NZ Fiction.

Summer. A relentless rain falls — on the houses, on the cemetery, on the rotting boards of the pier. 

Hector arrives in a small East Coast town along with the millennial rains. He is captivated by the elemental beauty of the swimmer Marama, the community's own Pania of the reef. Alongside his obsession grows disgust at the squalid violence of daily life around him. Read more ...